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By tomorrow, I will have experienced all program components of Public Allies in only 3 days time.  Breakdown:

9 Hours of Placement
2 Hours of Coaching
2.5 Hours of TSP Planning Meeting

7 Hours of Training

4 Hours of SPEAK UP!

It’s all coming together, and it feels like as an entire cohort, we’re really onto something different, something good, something unheard of according to the Program Managers.  Still vague, still confusing, but I think we’re planning something great.  Note to self though: after all the planning is through, execution and adaptation are still key.


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During one icebreaker where allies were asked to quote a line from one of their favorite movies, I tried to mimic the imperial scout droid sent to scan the planet Hoth.

…I’m referring to this memory because today was a long, tense, and draining day of training on power, privilege, & race, followed up by a much-needed TSP debrief.  So what I’m doing is digressing to a humorous moment to avoid processing a more tense situation.  Just a part of my own process…

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