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Wow, it’s been a hell of a (insert any timespan here since start of PA).

First off though, welcome to our newest PA blogger, queenmc!

It’s been a quiet month on the blog, but if you’re reading this I’m gonna say you’re either a current first year, an applicant for next year, or someone looking for news on John Stockton, thanks to this post.  Right now, I’m gonna address prospective members of the 2011-2012 first year cohort.

Applications were due this past week for prospective first years and for those who might have seen that last post by theresawargoingonoutside, you better know that once you take that red pill, you can go pretty deep into this rabbit hole if you’re willing to dig.  I think it’s a great idea to get to know more about the program before you get deeper in, even when it comes to the application process, cuz that alone is pretty intense.  So with that being said, applicants feel free to read through what’s up here, leave us comments, ask us questions, and we’ll try to fill you in.

We as agents (of change) look forward to finding out all about you all.  Curiously enough, if we continue playing out this Matrix analogy, would we be the Morpheus & co. crew or the Agent Smith conglomeration?  … Cuz either way, we’re all out to somehow shift the structures in place.  But again I pose the question, toward what end…?

Applicants, I encourage you all to try to figure it out as best you can before you get any deeper, so that IF you get in, you really maximize what you can get out of this.  You all figure it out, just as we’re all figuring it out right now, and will probably continue to long beyond the upcoming July 15 end of our term, but also know that again, if you wanna find out more, this is one of the spots where you can ask…because just as queenmc was saying, we should all be able to ask questions and engage–how else is anything gonna get done?


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By tomorrow, I will have experienced all program components of Public Allies in only 3 days time.  Breakdown:

9 Hours of Placement
2 Hours of Coaching
2.5 Hours of TSP Planning Meeting

7 Hours of Training

4 Hours of SPEAK UP!

It’s all coming together, and it feels like as an entire cohort, we’re really onto something different, something good, something unheard of according to the Program Managers.  Still vague, still confusing, but I think we’re planning something great.  Note to self though: after all the planning is through, execution and adaptation are still key.

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